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Rank Tracker

2-10 recommended

Setup once and bots will constantly update you about the rankings on your keywords, It even suggests you the keywords you should add to your list.

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  • 25K
  • 12$
  • 4K

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Duplicate Content cheker

2-10 recommended

Find out the duplicate contents in your web page using this handy duplicate checker bot.

Link Creation Completed Successfully at 23/25 Highg Authory Sites

Link Building

2-10 recommended

Avoid the risk of getting your sites banned through automated link building. Rapmark delivers high quality links manually acquired within your budget and TAT.

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Instant Messaging

2-10 recommended

Why keep switching tabs for messaging teams and SEO workflow? Now get them all in one place; save time, money and efforts.

SEO is much faster & wiser now

Manage Teams & Tools at One Place

Tired of switching over to multiple tabs for different tools and collaborating your teams on another tabs for your daily tasks and reports? Rapmark gets everything at one place, auto pilot.

Stop going to multiple tools and logging in to them seperately to check ranks, do keyword research and lot more.

Stop spending on multitude of tools, keep your operating costs slim with rapmark's holistic seo platform.

Chat with your team members, get the insights you want with bots, use rapmark's team to outsource your tasks. Do everything you want in one platform.

SEO is a progressive game that you can win only if when you are ahead of your competition. Rapmark gives you the cutting edge insights that sets you ahead of your competition.

Opinions from Rapmark Beta Users

“ Rapmark saves us a lot of time in manually checking every SEO Parameters. The bots are so intelligent that it updates me everytime when there's something i need to know about my site's SEO performance. Its definitely a promising SEO suite to watch out for in 2022. ”

Tanya Sinclair Project Manager

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“ If you want to lay the best foundation possible I’d recommend taking this course. The depth the instructors go into is incredible. I now feel so confident about starting up as a professional developer. ”

John Tarkpor Project Manager

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Stop Switching between infinite tools

Rapmark automates everything for you

Bots reminds you, alerts you, suggest you and assit
you on critical SEO Tasks

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