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Many thinks keyword research can only be done by experts. Wel its true for some part, but not everyone needs an expert. Espcially if you are in the beginning stage of promoting your site you need the base keywords to start promoting it.

See what your competitors are optimizing for

Dont know where to start? Find out what keywords your most relevant competitors are ranking for. First find your competitors and then use their keywords to find deep keywords originating from those keywords. Its easy as that.

Get automatic kyeword suggestions

The best thing is you need to do it manually everytime. Keyword research bot automatically updates you everytime when it finds a keyword thats easy to rank based on your website's current SEO stats.

Keyword Bot is powered by 3 Billion Updated Keywords

~250 Million

Seed Keywords
Checked every month


Countries Supported


Languages Supported

Stop Switching between infinite tools

Rapmark automates everything for you

Bots reminds you, alerts you, suggest you and assit
you on critical SEO Tasks

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