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Join students across the globe inside Rapamark SEO tools.


Dedicated messages and groups to discuss in real time chat.


Set up bots to automate your repeatitive manual works.


Join our online educational hub for aspiring product managers.

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Use the bot messages and logs to get an eagels eye view of your site performance and make increamental improvements.

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Don't just take our words for it.

Rapmark is a product education platform. Rapmark aims to empower individuals to become Product Managers.

What are Bots?

Bots are nothing but pre-trained models that helps you in automating repeatitive seo tasks such as checking your site's rank.

What is DFY Link Building?

Rapmark provides Done for you link building service at extremely affordable cost.

What about Pricing?

When you buy the tools presented in rapmark separately it will cost you atleast 10X times of what you pay for rapmark.

Stop Switching between infinite tools

Rapmark automates everything for you

Bots reminds you, alerts you, suggest you and assit
you on critical SEO Tasks

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