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IM Team Management

Do not use general project management tools that does not suit the way internet marketing company works

Fix Targets

Dont assigns works but just targets, Monitor how your staffs are working towards their targets and fine tune whenever you want.

Task Scheduling

Assign Tasks to each Team / Staff from day to day basis. Get their work reports in a way that works best for internet marketing manager.

Ultra Secure

Your Schedules, Your Staffs Reports, Your Asset Details are encrpyed with military grade encryption. No one can see your data except you including Rapmark !

Activity Stream

Get updates from your team second to second, event to event and from change to change. You & Your Team Leaders will never miss anything your staff is doing

Link Intelligence

Get Freshness Scores, Success Rates of Links created by your staffs in an easy to measure graphs.

Employee Monitoring

Check your Staffs Attendance, Entry Times, Exit Times, Time Gaps between each link entries and more..

Seamless Interface

You will know what you should do to manage your team effectively when you first see your Rapmark Interface.

How much it costs

No need to pay to set up your Rapmark Intranet

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